Packing Orders for Your Online Shop

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After running my Etsy shop for over three years now, I can tell you that the way you package your orders can make or literally "break" your products.

With our packaging we want to:

1. PROTECT our item physically and

2. PRETTIFY our packaging (with marketing strategy… more on that later).

The goal here is to use our packaging to enhance a customers buying experience and as a result increase the likelihood of them purchasing again.

Let's talk about…


Items arriving broken in the mail is never fun.


For my champagne flutes, I use 2 types of bubble wrap.

1.) I repurpose the big air pockets that ship with my glassware from the distributor.

2.) I individually wrap my flutes with bubble wrap I purchase from staples.

It will take some trial and error to find the products you like and at a cost that works for your profit margin, but this is the bubble wrap I use (buy 2 get 1 free at most staples locations).

(Side note: I used to use bubble wrap I found on Amazon, but I noticed the quality was inconsistent and sometimes arrived with popped bubbles meaning more broken glasses).



Including a layer of protection for fragile items is a no brainer, but even items that aren’t fragile should be encased in some sort of outer layer. Whether it be bubble wrap or a plastic or paper sleeve, encasing your non-fragile items decreases friction/contact with peanuts or whatever else is in the box (so keeping it neat) and makes your product look and feel more professional - a must if you’re serious about your shop.

For my non-fragile items (hair ties), I use plastic sleeves. I got my affordable plastic sleeves from

These help the hair ties stay in place on the card within the packaging which keeps them from fraying and means they look neat and tidy when my customer receives their package.


Like I briefly mentioned above, it's important to keep your packaging affordable so it doesn't eat heavily into your profits. If you’re packaging your items correctly on the inside, then plain brown boxes and envelopes from amazon will suffice.

Let's move onto the fun part,


and including that special touch that Amazon Prime can't compete with!


The little extra’s you add/how much you spend on them can vary and you may want to base it on how your items are priced, but remember a little goes a long way.

Some Ideas:

  • Tissue paper is a great way to add beauty and therefore value in the consumers eyes (and it’s a small price to pay).
    You can find inexpensive tissue paper on Amazon. I buy them 200 sheets at a time because I like to sometimes switch up the colors.

    i.e. During the winter months I may decide to use red tissue paper because bridesmaid dresses are more likely to be cranberry around this time of year and pink in the summer months.

    I include tissue paper in each champagne flute and it costs me .02 extra to do so.

    • Tissue paper I use:

      Pro tip: if you are including extra’s like tissue paper, it’s a good idea to mention that somewhere in your listing or better yet, show that it’s included in at least one product photo.

Thank you cards: These are beyond cute and beyond important…

Let the infographic explain…


How to Edit Thank You Card Tutorial

I hope you’re one step closer to protecting and prettifying your packages!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Good luck with your shop!